by Kill Frank

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released December 2, 2012

Recorded and mastered at Sun Distortion Studios by Cris Brownbill.



all rights reserved


Kill Frank Brisbane, Australia


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Track Name: We all had it coming.
It was an anti-ageing strange creation backwards tied social tradition from birth like we'd watch our lives build our own herse emersed in what we seem to crave enslaved enraged for days in values values value your time while you bend your life around your spine so many times you break awake again the truth its fake in tune all hollowed out and blue doubt brought this about making excuses useless uses for my well intentioned blues its this place i feel comfortable broke just aint the word im looking for maybe its because im just a kid but i cant say im really certain about anything except. we where sedated too young oh we all had it coming the only questions how long we each could keep running down like a bubble of paint growing changing pace it canvased our ability to close our eyes times grime on my soul are you cold because im cold and i mean really fucking dead inseide im twisted i insisted now im going out of my mind.
Track Name: Untitled.
Im dead i fear already years have passed and fell with ash a gash was left inside my head in lies and sex well i feel truly blessed with this burden so thank you ive burned for you ive lied this time a crime is crawling slow its cancer in my family cancer in my bones we owe this to our selves and no one else we see the hell on the wall in the window in the wind though i see the world spin slow not so hell bent on rents debts bets and broke down habbits they make the holes we are the rabbits because were sick we arent really feeling not nearly reeling we conjealing in our homes left stuck and left alone a dron confused with views of something more than this the signs of life love good happy dream but where all just fucking tired and cant wait to sleep its strange to me how we all love to play dead and be alone and be a drone and be nothing but the junk in our head bleeding screaming walking in skin you touch so softly but your not really there.
Track Name: Fossil fuel.
I can hardly fucking sleep how am i supposed to dream of you a few and far between moment are the cold hands that hold us selfish and sick and thick skinned and seasoned in sin and pity i am at least it ceased to hold value as a social fear as i stair down at my child and think of his years to come such love i hold in my hand as my mind turns with its increasing bothers in which ive lived in and driven through and died in a sad suburban coal mine where the fossils are the people and the fuel is there time and they dont mind as there skin hardens every moments down the kitchen sink of grim and time in line everyday feed stale problems until there fat with pointlessness and discontent and cold and truly alone in a home and you will see it all and you will fucking hate like i do i see it in me like i see it in you this time ill break a body before it has a name a face a smile or a giggle a million questions that will never be answered that will be the burden of information ill take station in hell for breaking or saving but why not on this carosel let crawl back in the dirt and let me rest because fuck im tired il be back around again its just another lap in the compost bin.
Track Name: White Knuckles
White knuckles
White lies
I've watched the salt water pool beneath the whites of your eyes
I've hoped you missed me
I've left your lips feeling guilty.
I hope your guilt free
I know you'll cope and come to joke about me
Darling you always had to doubt me
But that's the nature of it
Your heart swings but the medication helps
Sing your songs and keep your things on the shelf
Paint your face and worry about your health
So you go out and play the game you know so well
Keep your heart inside your head
Because this ain't no place to pretend
So you go out and play the game you know so well
You worry about where your lifes going
You worry about your health.